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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

'Sweet Pea' Art Yarn

Here's another art-yarn I just created. I had Sweet Pea flowers in mind. They were amazing last Summer, and I'm hoping for a good crop this year too!
Actually this is the precise spot in the garden that they were growing. That's my Woad garden just about to flower, right behind it.
I hand-dyed all the wool, incorporating merino with the lambs-wool for softness, also hand-dyed silk in 3 shades, and pre-carded bamboo - which I just love. It has a wonderful texture and is bright-white, which makes a great 'foil' against which to show off the colours.
I've tried to incorporate as many of the Sweet Pea colours as possible, magenta, lilac, pink, blue, & purple. 
Then I plied that with a yarn made from a blend of soya, silk and Northern Ireland grown lambs wool dyed with horsetail, and hand-dyed green merino, pictured here.  I had not used soya before in hand-spinning.  It's a super-fine fly-away fibre, similar to silk, but a pale cream. Very interesting and super-soft addition to an art-yarn.

Into the mix went all the novelty yarn and embroidery floss that I could find that matched well with these colours, and there we are.

3 Skeins available on Etsy, listed individually this time.

This picture above looks a little more blue on my screen than the yarn is, but it's probably the light.

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