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Monday, 8 June 2015

Where the Wild Sheep Roam

'Where the Wild Sheep Roam' is a Ravelry pattern found here

I thoroughly enjoyed spinning and knitting this garment for a 2-3 year old child. The pattern comes in 3 sizes and is available as an online download for around £4.00.

This is knitted 'in the round' and steeked

Knitting in the round on double pointed circular needles means you are always working from the front, consequently the knitting pattern chart is much more easy to follow.  I use the 'intarsia' method of knitting for all Fairisle type patterns.

If you study the above picture you will see that I've woven with my left hand,  the contrasting colours on every stitch rather than on every 2nd or 3rd stitch as many patterns will tell you.  The reason for that is that I like the over-all finish more. It's more 'firm.'  Also on a child's garment you just don't want any loops of wool as they will be asking to get caught up in fingers or pencils or barbed wire or something.

I hand-spun some soft Northern Ireland lambs wool to around 10 wraps per inch, for this project and used some commercially spun cotton/cashmere for the cream background.

This particular sweater is not up on etsy
But the spotty  Coat Hangers are!