Hand Spinning & Natural Dyeing - Sarah Matthess

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Hand-spinning video, featuring Northern Ireland Autumn colours.
This new video, just uploaded onto youtube,  features hand-spinning my naturally dyed wool, in Northern Ireland. Lots of local scenery and colour of Autumn.

For those of you interested in what's what, the plum coloured wool being carded is dyed with madder root with an after-copper dip, then the yellow is dyed with horsetail.

Scenery includes: Gosford Park in Co. Armagh, Clare Glen, Kilkeel Harbour, Mourne Mountains, and Silent Valley, with various other local shots thrown in-between. And of course, lots of rain....

Hope you enjoy! Video by Peter Matthess, and lovely music by John Dowling. Check out his website...link at the bottom of the youtube channel.

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